When I arrived at Mission Point Lighthouse, the water filled with autumn leaves that had fallen, waving slowly against the shoreline, and the impending rain hanging heavily above Lake Michigan. I had another 20 minutes before they'd arrive, being November I wanted to look around and see how things were looking - not a soul in sight, it was so incredibly peaceful. When they arrived, slight sprinkles had started, but after having to wait so late in the fall, we weren't ready to give up yet.

And giving up, they did not. Travis and Lexi didn't let the rain stop them from soaking up the last of the fall colors in November. Instead, they ran, danced, and kissed in the rain like lovers do - all while making these beautiful moments for their engagement photos. We may have moved a little faster, gotten a little damp and rushed through some parts - but the slow, authentic moments between them were truly beautiful. They even took a few minutes to have a little fun in the down pour when we got to the parking lot at the end.

Now here we are right between their engagement and their wedding and I still love these and can't wait to document, share and see the magic of their wedding day.