Hi, I'm Tori.

photographer . adventurer . daydreamer extraordinaire.
meet your excited, creative and documentary traverse city photographer
creative, bold, documentary styled photographer on mackinac island, tori is a local gal excited to meet you

Hi, I'm Tori, a photographer, filmmaker, and creative in northern Michigan. I specialize in whimsical and documentary-style work that offers organic storytelling by capturing bold colors, raw emotions, fleeting moments, and timeless imagery.

When I'm working, you'll most likely find me reading, working in the garden, checking out a farmer's market, spending time outside or cheering at whatever athletic season we're in or home with my love, our 3 kids and 2 lovable pups. Our home is constantly buzzing and I wouldn't change it for anything.

I love exploring the world around us and am incredibly blessed to live up here, where deep forests, rushing waterfalls, and the gentle waves of the great lakes are just a short drive away. I love hiking, camping, kayaking and immersing myself in the wilderness. There's something about the fresh air, earthy smell and sun on my face that just sets my soul on fire.

While I don't have that "I've always had a camera in my hand" story, I did dream of exploring and taking photos of my expeditions for National Geographic when I was a kid with a mix of wanting to get lost in the stars with a love for astronomy and outer space, so it all worked itself out.

I love being able to combine my passion for earth and space with photography and filmmaking to create beautiful memories to look back on. For the kid who always had her head in the clouds, I've found that daydreams do come true, and I love being able to have a career centered on being inspired and following my heart.

In short, if you love dogs, plants, and good food, wish upon the stars, crave adventures, and believe in all things wondrous, we're off to a great start. Thanks for stopping by and I can't wait to talk!