Normally when planning proposals, it's easy to decide where we're going to hide. Usually, in plain sight. Sometimes we have to be a little more creative - but I've never had to be this creative. Grant and I decided we'd embark on a "couples sunset cruise", so we could easily be on the sailboat without it being weird there's some random people on this boat with them, and honestly hoped for the best. Luckily, Kat went with it, was super sweet and chatted with us while we relaxed heading out of the harbor and enjoyed the evening together.

"Are you going to Rose me?" - "No, I'm trying to propose to you."

Once we got out into the bay, it was time. We patiently wait for the moment to be ready and let Grant do his thing - when at the bow of the boat he asked her to come over here, her response was "are you going to Rose me?" (Loved the Titanic reference by the way!) and he said "No, I'm trying to propose to you" and got down on the knee. It. Was. Perfect!

Our next battle to tackle, our proposals offer portraits afterwards - which if you've ever been on a sail boat, we don't have a lot of moving around space, but we made it work and even I was stunned with how many photos we ended up with! Upon arriving back to the harbor and docks, we popped some champagne, and they finished the rest of their vacation as a newly engaged duo!