from planning the perfect moment to telling the world "we're engaged!"

surprise proposal in front of the boardwalk cottage on mackinac island
proposal on the chess board at the grand hotel on mackinac island

Whether you have every little detail planned down to the T or you need a little help putting together the final touches, we've got your back.

We offer as-needed consultations and guidance to bounce ideas off, give you all of our knowledge and experience and help make sure together we've created the perfect proposal and a love story for the ages. We work hard to make sure your day goes off perfectly planned while leaving room for those intimate, emotive moments, keeping everything balanced and exceptional!

In an effort to encourage raw, authentic and un-prompted emotions, we keep ourselves distanced and very hands-off until after the "yes" and wave of following emotions. Due to this, we only offer two collections and don't have a specific a time limit - you have enough to worry about, how much time is left shouldn't be one of them.

Through photography, we keep our documentary style natural and candid as your moment progresses. Afterward, we'll have time for posed, prompted and organically fun session.

wedding proposal on the enchanted trail at boyne mountain in harbor springs michigan
winter proposal at the mackinac bridge in mackinaw city michigan

All proposals include:

Time planning & prepping

Sneak peek within 24 hours

The most magical day ever!

Love Note - $425

Keep it a surprise! We will document your proposal and the immediate emotions afterwards and go our separate ways. Nobody will know until we send you your sneak peek later that night!

Love Story - $550

Tell the world! Depending on plans we'll keep ourselves off grid, waiting for you to pop the question. Once you've had your moment and the emotions to follow, we'll introduce ourselves for a petite 20-30 minute engagement session afterwards to tell the world and show off the love your life & their new ring!


Are you LGBTQ+ friendly?

Yes! We believe in and celebrate love between humans.

Where will you be during our proposal?

Being in a tourist destination I have the best benefit on my side - very few people find a girl with a camera out of place.
Depending on the location, I will bring someone with me so I can take photos of them while watching you until you're ready.

Exactly how long is our session?

I don't time proposals, and I do this for a few reasons.
1. I want you to take your time, relish and live in the moment and be totally, 100% comfortable. If we plan for you to propose at 6pm and it doesn't happen until 6:12, we'll deal. This is about you two... and I don't want that rushed.

2. The portrait session afterwards, usually we do 20-30 minutes of shooting. However, again this is a big moment that I want the two of you to live in, enjoy and take the time to feel all of those magical, in love feelings.
I usually stay back and wait a few minutes to give you time to absorb, love and share the intimate setting together.
(Also, if someone was in my face with a camera immediately after while I'm shocked and crocodile crying - nobody wants that.)