How amazing that you're finally here!

Isn't it crazy to just sit back and think about how long it took to get here and how fast it's going? Now it's your time to shine in the spotlight, and what better way to start than authentic portraits that capture who you are today!

In a few short months your sweet little will be rockin' a cap and gown to the front of the crowd - are you ready? As scary it may be, this is about to be the best year yet! Let's get those final days and show 'em who you truly are. We'll bring passions to portraits to keep long after graduation.

These aren't just another school picture, so tell me, what makes you uniquely you? What do you love? What makes you happy? What makes you stand out? What are your hobbies? What do you enjoy? What are your dreams? These are the things to think about and highlight in your senior photography journey, these are the things we want to capture and remember!

Contact us today to start planning your greatest portrait!

Recent Seniors

Cathi P.

1 / 5

"When I met with Tori to do my daughters senior pictures she helped pick out great spots to do them as I wasn't familiar with the area other than I wanted some by the Mackinac Bridge. We set up for cap & gown pictures and again she helped us find the perfect spots in downtown Cheboygan. I just wanna say this lady takes beautiful pictures & does an awesome job knowing how to make someone comfortable well they are shy. Tori will be getting more business from us for sure. Keep up the great work!"

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