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northern Michigan cinematic wedding & lifestyle films

2020 gave us a lot of things - stress, anxiety, continuous curosity of what's going to happen next, appreciation for teachers and a little more love for our hand soap and cleaning products. For those of us that were already working at/from home a lot, it brought a little bit of stir crazy and made us push our creative boundaries - one of things I personally found myself tip-toeing towards and finding an interest in was videography - creating home films, documenting little moments I normally wouldn't have, trying different areas, lighting situations and endless attempts to find the perfect fade or transition. I was HOOKED!

With nearing 10 years of love, magic and experience in wedding photography, I found I also fell in love with filmmaking and cinematic storytelling - and now nearly 3 years later, here we are. My passion ready to make it's entrance out into the world and get to work! I never want to stop telling love stories, documenting families times together or creating magic based on a persons personality, I just want to add to.

So here it is, after practice, trials and errors, encouragement from friends, family and clients like - we're adding a new chapter. Little Cactus Films, it's what we've been up to!

Weddings - starting at $899

Half Day Coverage: $899 - up to 5 hours ~ include 1 minute trailer reel, 3-5 minute highlight film and a documentary style edit of the day.

Full Day Coverage: $1,299 - up to 9 hours ~ include 1 minute trailer, 3-5 minute highlight reel and a documentary style edit of the day.

  • Trailer reel: 60 seconds of the most amazing, magical moments in your day.
  • Highlight film: 3-5 minutes capturing your day, perfect for sharing with family & friends.
  • Documentary edit: whole day video including full ceremony, speeches, dances + highlights throughout the day + moments throughout the day such as getting ready, first looks, bouquet toss and other memories to cherish.

Lifestyle Storytelling Sessions - starting at $499

Life is fleeting, magical and beautiful - and I cannot wait to capture it for you to relive over and over again through photography and film making.

Each lifestyle story includes:

  • Trailer: 30-60 second sneak peek of our time together.
  • Film: 3-5 minutes documenting the entire time.
  • Photo: 25+ digital photos available for download with a personal print release.

Help us grow!

We will be offering limited portfolio building collections, in return for some more practice and hands on experience we'll be offering competitive pricing and collections for a 5 weddings/elopements and 5 lifestyle sessions throughout the year.

If you're willing to give us a shot and interested in our services, please get in touch through the contact form and I'd love to hear what you're planning and how we can create a film to highlight and preserve your most precious memories!

sunset engagement photography at mt mcsauba in charlevoix michigan


How do we receive our films + footage?

All films and footage will be delivered in digital format. You will receive a link to download digitally as well as a USB.

How long does it take to get our film back?

Weddings: approximately 8-12 weeks
Lifestyle: approximately 4 weeks