Welcome to our journal...

After a few years I found just posting session after session, wedding after wedding to be boring, tedious and unhelpful! 2023, I'm here to amp up this blogging gig and get this journal rolling and personal.

I know many of my clients are on vacation, couples honeymooning in the UP, brides planning their big day and families looking for more things to do other than just get their pictures taken.

After noticing I spend a lot of time not only talking about photography and what our brand offers, I spend a lot of time giving advice for planning weddings and proposals, ideas for what trails to hike and what locales are worth it more than others - so now, I'm going to add all of that here.

Not because I don't want to talk about it, because honestly, I LOVE talking about it! I love offering what advice and experience I have beforehand, and giving you all the ideas for epic adventures once you're here. And I'll still blog sessions and sessions, and weddings and weddings - but I want to do more, I want to give you more, I want to offer you more... so here it is! MORE!!!