Business + Branding

What is Personal Business Branding?

Personal Branding is storytelling for businesses, entrepreneurs, creatives, influencers and others that may benefit from personalized and curated images and video. Branding helps reach your client and customer base by showing them who you are, what you do, and what you have to offer by telling the story of you (& your team), your business and what their experience working with you would be like.

Are you ready to...

tell your story

connect with your audience

build your business

...then let's talk!

Personal branding is for you if you're

  • Ready to take the next step in building your empire
  • Are tired of trying to find images to use/taking photos you don't love
  • Want to be done with the inconsistent and lackluster marketing
  • Have a ton of ideas, but don't know where to start
  • Aren't interested in more hats, but definitely desire more presence

The Plan

Prior to your shoot we'll work together to come up with a plan for the day. Including content ideas, who and what you'd like images of, what items/tools we'll need to achieve the best photos and define your ultimate goal and vibe for your business.


The Shoot

The day of, we'll spend 2-3 hours together creating a collection of content for your brand.
This includes highlighting key parts of your business, headshot/team photos, product & style shots, behind the scenes and film work.

step two.

The Content

After the shoot, you relax while I get to work putting together a full gallery flowing with photo & video content for you to use on your website, social media, in marketing and any other branding opportunities you have.

step three.

Both brand collections include:

  • Time & talent in planning, shooting and delivery
  • A minimum of 60 images per shoot
  • Commercial use licensing



Northern Lights

3 separate shoots
2 - 20-30 second videos/shoot
1 - 90 second story telling video/shoot


Sunset Session

1 shoot
2 - 20-30 second videos
1 - 60 second video


Headshots & Team Photos

Choice of location & background

5 digital images/person

contact for pricing


What is included in each shoot?

Every shoot, regardless of collection includes pre-session planning, up to 3 hours of shooting, all digital files in both hi-res and social media files.

What do you take photos of?

This of course depends on your type of busiess and goal of your shoot. Generally you an expect photos of: your team (together & individually), your products, space and anything else that might be special to your brand.
If you sell candles, we won't just take photos of your candles. We'll work together to provide and set up a whole mantle you can almost smell just by looking.