Business + Branding

What is personal business branding?

Branding is the art of storytelling for businesses, entrepreneurs, creatives, influences and others that may benefit from personalized, curated photographic and video content. It's telling your clients and customer base who you are, what you do, what you have to offer and all things amazing about you, your team and/or your business. A glimpse of what working with you might look like.

Personal Branding is for you if...

  • Ready to take the next step in building your empire
  • Are tired of trying to find the right images to use
  • Or can't find/take photos you love
  • Want to be done with the inconsistent and lackluster marketing
  • Have a ton of ideas, but don't know where to start
  • Aren't interested in more hats, but definitely desire more presence?

So, are you ready to...

tell your story
connect with your audience
build your business
and bloom beyond your wildest dreams?
...then let's talk!

This is our process:

Step I. Curate a Plan

In the time leading up to your shoot, we'll work together to create a plan for the day - including content ideas, who and what you'd like images of, what items or tools we'll need to achieve the best work and definite the ultimate goal and vibe for your brand.

Step II. Create the Content.

The day of, we'll spend approximate 3 hours (give or take depending on needs) together creating a collection of content for your brand. Including highlight key parts of your business, head shots and team photos, product & styled shots, behind the scenes and film work for video content.

Step III. Delivered Work

After our day together, you relax while I get to work putting together a full gallery flowing with photo and video content for you to use on your website, social media, in marketing and any other branding opportunities you have.

Northern Lights

4 sessions within 12 months each containing

  • 50 digital images including head shots, behind the scenes, action shots, products, ad content etc.
  • 2 cinematic video ads/session
  • 3 shorter videos ~15-30 sec. each


payment plans available

Milky Way

1 session

  • 50 digital images including head shots, behind the scenes, action shots, products, ad content, etc.
  • 2 cinematic video ads
  • 4 shorter videos ~15-30 sec. each


Shooting Star

Professional head shots and/or team photos.

  • Personal: 15 digital images
  • Team: 5 images per person

Contact for pricing


What all is included in the shoot?

Every shoot regardless of the collection includes prior planning, vision research, and curating, up to 3 hours of shooting, and digital files in both hi-res and social media formats.

What do you take photos of?

Everything! There really isn't a cookie cutter answer to this question - but a broad answer would be any and all details that describe who you are, what you do, how you do it, and why you're uniquely you.
We always want to include things that will make you stand out specifically (do you offer something nobody else does?), head shots of you and your team, and the area(s) of your business you really want people to notice and/or learn about?

Do you offer social media management?

Currently, no.
While this is something I've considered for the future, currently it's not in our deck of cards.
However, if you have specific questions, we're always more than happy to share what we know.

Can I add a smaller/seasonal session to my collection?

Yes! Marketing LOVES holidays - if you have something you want to focus on during a holiday or season, we offer discounted petite branding sessions specifically for those times.
Contact us for more information and pricing.

Do you offer commercial ads solo?

Absolutely! Let's set up a call so we can hear your vision, what you're looking for, ad goals and what would be appropriate for your needs.