FAQ - Trillium & Pine

Frequently Asked Questions

I truly don't believe there are a lot of stupid questions on the planet, but there are definitely commonly asked ones, so I put together a quick little FAQ to get the basic ones out of the way. If you don't see your question or still have further questions, please contact me at hello@trilliumandpine.com

How many photos will I get and how will I get them?

All sessions will be provided a password protected online gallery, from here you will be able to download any/all of your images from your session.

The number of images is dependent on the length of your session and cooperation of those being photographed. 

In general you can expect approximately 30 images/hour session or 35+ images/hour weddings

How long does it take to get my pictures back?

Regular sessions: 2-3 weeks || Weddings: 6-8 weeks

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