#MichaelsChallenge - Trillium & Pine


March 19, 2018

You know those things that just sort of seem to sweep across a scene? Well, recently for photography it was the #MichaelsChallenge. Unfortunately, we/I live in a place where Michaels Stores aren't really a thing within a quick trip distance, so I just sort of counted myself out of the fun. 

I, however, was wrong! Recently on a trip to Marquette I found out they have a Michaels! I was so excited! Knowing nobody other than this guy that came along with me what else was there to do? Fauxglam portraits for Josh it was!


Yes, the whole thing is silly, ridiculous and admittedly pretty fantastic! Of course, photos aside, the real hero here is him... because how many people would've let me do this and THEN post it all over for everyone to see? 

Thank you Joshua! Thank you Michaels! Thank you surprises, easy excitement and simple happiness!


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