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A Goldfish Ceremony? YES!

          There are a ton of amazing wedding ceremony ideas out there, have you ever looked around pinterest? Sand ceremonies, unity candles, hand fasting/tying the knot... the list really goes on.

         This past July I photographed a wedding where they did a “goldfish ceremony”, and it was AWESOME! When they first described it to me, I wasn’t fully picturing it. It sounded cool, but I wasn’t as thrilled as I was until I saw it. Then I was in love with the idea.

So, here's how it works: 

1. An empty fishbowl is placed in the center, with the fish for the bride and groom (or in this case bride, groom and their children/grandchildren) are placed in separate containers or fishbowls.

2. Each person adds their fish to the larger bowl, each one adding themselves to the new family they've created. Taking separate lives and families, and joining them now as one whole family.

3. Upon adding the final fish into the bowl, the family of fish are combined into one home. Just like the family. Two big ones for the parents, two less fish in the sea. Then the small ones to bring in the children. 

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