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Blue Ice Mountains Pt. 1

February 25th, 2018

Can you imagine waking up and looking out your window to find piles of ice as tall and taller than your house pushing up almost to your window? Well, that's what's happening! Giant mountains of ice have smashed themselves into the land and shores of Mackinaw City today. And it's amazing!

But, Why?

Warm weather has contributed to the thawing and breaking up of some of the ice, but the high winds are what have pushed it ashore. Feet wide slabs of ice, 12+ inches thick, crashing into the shoreline and piling up upon each other! Nature is amazing, isn't it? 

I Remember....

The first time I saw these piles of ice were in 2011, before I had a decent camera, and it was incredible. I had no idea how or why it happened, and I didn't understand how I had never seen something like this my entire life. I'm sure it has happened before of course, but this is the second time I've witnessed this happen (to this extent) since then.

Every year I drive along the lake in search of these giant, glassy and glowing blue titans of ice. And this year, it's finally happened again!

Be Careful!

While I admittedly am a bit late to the show sharing my shots of these beauties (why must I have a day job!?), like many things Earth offers,  they look like heaps of fun to go climb on and explore, I'm guilty of it myself!

But they can be dangerous. First, you're wandering around on giant sheets of ice. Like ice everywhere else it's can be slippery. But add, these are often over open water, so falling can land you plunging into the icy water around/beneath them. Then they themselves can slip, and they're not light. So I would recommend not climbing INSIDE them at all. 

I'm not here to try ruining your fun, I want you to continue having fun! So with everything, be cautious and respect Earth is far greater than we'll ever be.

Be careful and have fun!

Have you gotten a chance to go

out and see the ice?

What did you think!?

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